May 14, 2007
Cantine Aperte!

gli innamorati del bucato sporco

I have finally regained my status as a "cat lady." The Sebastionator couldn't make it to Italy, so after 5 months, I got Lilla (a birthday present), my little gray bat. About 36 hours later, I broke down and took a brother for her, Peperoncino - we call him 'Cino. They are both about 7 weeks old now, and besides eating, their favorite pasttime is being in the dirty laundry (at least they are not showing interest in the clean laundry...). Its amazing how much easier it is to get a cat in Italy. In Seattle, its like adopting a child - I actually got turned down for my first cat - plus you have to pay at least $70. Here the cats are always free, whether they are from LEMPA (kind of Italian SPCA) or the pet store. Finally, something uncomplicated in Italy!!! I have to admit, though, I am a little disappointed by the pet supply stores here. I really miss the bougie-over-pampered pet stores from the states. Maybe I should start a pet supply import business....


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